Soocial for the Mac

Version: 2.2.3 || Release Date: 2011-12-19 || License: Freeware Developer: Soocial BV | App Owner: shoeboot

Sync & clean your address book

## Always in sync
Soocial syncs all your contacts to your phones, emails and computers. Flip any device on and start working with them right away. Add, delete, change and all your connections get updated. Simple.

## Clean up your contacts
Soocial provides easy tools to help you clean up your address book. Simple and quick deduplication of your contacts with our Deduper, easily clean up your contacts data with our Contact Cleaner.

## Easily share contacts with others
Soocial makes it easy for you to share contacts with your friends and colleagures. Even go as far as maintain a group of contacts together with Soocial pro accounts. Soocial allows two different kinds of private sharing: one-on-one with our connected friends feature and multiple colleagues using our shared groups feature.

## Manage & organize
Using Soocial as your online address book enables you a new and fresh way to manage your address book. Easily update your contacts in our online tool, or in the address book of your favorite device. Soocial puts you in the driver seat, giving you full control of your address book.

## Your online address book is your backup
With Soocial you always have a backup of all your contacts. Never be stranded without that important phone number again. It doesn't matter what device you have when you have Soocial setup we'll always have a backup ready. We create backups of all your contacts and you'll be able to restore any device that you've connected to Soocial.

## Using soocial is easy
After you've connected your devices and online apps Soocial's philosophy is to get out of your way. Wherever technically possible the sync will happen automatically behind the scenes. This means that you can get on with your stuff without having to wonder if you're in sync and if you have a recent backup of your address book(s).

We give you the opportunity to Sign up for free and use our service for 30 days.

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