Sophos Anti-Virus

Version: 7.3.7C || Release Date: 2012-01-02 || License: Commercial with demo (Unknown) App Owner: konobi

Sophos Anti-Virus for OSX

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I have to assume that they have improved in the past few years, but a few years ago when I was required to install this software by my university it erased several files on my HD! The risk of getting a virus on OS X is low enough to avoid that kind of trouble.

Complete and utter bullocks...OS X needs an AV just like any other operating system..and Sophos is one of the best.

Some information about Mac viruses:

Free for Mac home users. all it caught on my system were email attachments that would infect a Windows PC.
As OSX market share continues to grow there will ultimately be a need for AV on a Mac, but for right now it is not a necessity.