Version: 1.0b6 || Release Date: 2006-07-11 || License: Freeware App Owner: caliclimber

SoulSeeX is a mac client to access the SoulSeek p2p network.

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4 Opinions

The author appears to have dropped off the face of the Earth back in 2006, but SoulSeeX still does the job for me beautifully. Excellent Soulseek client.

I like the multi-window interface, and the program as a whole!
BTW, if you right-click a user or a down-/upload, you get lots of options...

I don't really like having to have multiple windows open, and if there's a way to restart dowloads/uploads I haven't figured it out yet. However, unlike its alternate SolarSeek, which is much easier to use, it stays connected to the slsk server which takes precedence over usability for the most part. I'd really like SoulSeek to make a Mac (and *nix) client which is essentially the same as the one they have out now...'til then, I guess I'll use ssX. At least the icon is cute?

i don't see what some people's problems are with this application because when it comes down to it, well, its stable, configurable and efficient.