Sound Stage

Version: 1.4 || Release Date: 2012-03-10 || License: Freeware App Owner: scottden

Make a blockbuster demo that will help sell your iPhone app.

Sound Stage helps you create stunning, high-quality video demonstrations for your iOS or Desktop applications. Beyond high-resolution screen capture, Sound Stage provides the ability to add custom backgrounds, soundtracks, and voice overs that will help turn an app into a blockbuster.

Sound Stage also allows you to upload your videos directly to YouTube with little effort. No fancy settings or complicated dialogs. A few clicks and you've made a professional demo and shared it with the world.

Don't have the iOS SDK currently installed? Use Sound Stage for desktop recordings, with music and voiceover capabilities. You can also take individual stills of each individual screen without any crosshairs or key combinations.

Sound Stage is also perfect for people looking for ways to provide better support to users, or to share demos of features, bugs, or use cases with team members.

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