Version: 1.0 || Release Date: 2009-06-21 || License: Shareware (€29.00) App Owner: mt36000

Records and surveys the space used by your data

• Records the used space for each folder on your disks.
• Graphs with variations over time and distribution of used space.
• Surveys the space used in a disk or a folder, and alerts when exceeding a specified size.
• Gives a projection into the future of the space that will be used on a disk or by a folder.
• And much more...
Space-In-Time shows how the space is occupied in your disks and folders, how is is distributed between the subfolders, and how this space evolved over time.
Space-In-Time periodically records the used space for each folder on your disks, and saves a history of values and totals. A graph of these values can be displayed, allowing you to quickly and easily see where space is being used on the disk (for example, System, Applications, Caches, Pictures, ...), and to see variations on the disk over time (caused by a disk or folder suddenly increasing in size).

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Baseline can also record disk usage history, but it doesn't seem available anymore.

Mac alternative to SpaceObServer (Windows)