Spanning Sync

Version: 3.1.1 || Release Date: 2010-05-30 || License: Commercial with demo ($65 or $25) Developer: Spanning Partners, LLC | App Owner: dangnelson

Sync Google Calendar and Apple iCal.

Synchronize Google Calendar and Apple iCal. Share calendars between multiple Macs. Share calendars with your coworkers, family, and friends. And while you're at it, connect Google Calendar to your iPod, mobile phone, and other devices.

The Best of Both Worlds

What if you could combine Google Calendar's powerful sharing features, Gmail integration, and notifications with iCal's beautiful interface and offline operation? Now you can.

With Spanning Sync, your iCal calendars are kept in sync with Google Calendar, which means you can use the best features of both to manage your schedule.

Supports Google Apps for Your Domain

Spanning Sync offers full support for Google Apps for Your Domain. So whether your organization is a one-person company or a 40,000-person university, your enterprise calendars are seamlessly connected to your Macs.

Multiple Macs, One Set of Calendars

If you're lucky enough to have more than one Mac, keeping your data organized can be a challenge. But Spanning Sync makes it simple to organize your calendars. Just sync your iCal calendars on all of your Macs to the same Google Calendar account. That way whether you're using your Mac Pro at work, your iMac at home, or your MacBook on the go, your calendars are always up to date. And since Spanning Sync is licensed per-person not per-computer, you can install it on as many Macs as you like.

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25 Opinions

I used the beta too, and thought it was cool. I don't use it enough for such a hefty price tag though!

The newer version of GCalDaemon is a million times easier to set up - it comes with a GUI that you can edit the config with. I use this without any problems - and of course it's free!

I was tempted to try gSync when I came across it, but why change something that works?

Very shiny and loved the beta, however when they announced the commercial version I was completely priced out of the market. Very handy, but not so essential that $65 makes sense.

Gsync on the other hand. . .

There is an open source gCal/iCal sync here :

I have used it for several months without issue. Set up is a touch more involved though.

I used to use this, but the pricing is crazy. Hopefully, over time they will realize a lower price point would not only help their bottom line, but the Mac community as a whole. If that doesn't happen, I hope Apple impliments their own solution in Leopard. Thank goodness for AppZapper.

Sweet app but I'm sad to see it's going to cost $65. $25 yearly is just as bad.

Great app, though I think $65.00 for a non-expiring license is crazy. It's awesome at what it does, don't get me wrong, just not that awesome.

awesome. most useful thing i've installed in a long time.

AllImiss now is support for SyncML so I can sync my phone on the road.

This app won't sync beyond the first time for me, any ideas?

well i went ahead and tried it on two macs and it works! I had trouble at first then i solved the problem. to get the second computer to sync, make sure to disable spanning sync (uncheck the preference) on the first computer until you've run the initial sync on the second computer. then you may enable it back on the first computer. Works real well now. I guess i'll post this info on their blog as well.

now my sync needs are complete!

plaxo=contact syncing
foldershare=file syncing
spanning sync=calendar syncing

done and DONE!

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