Spanning Sync

Version: 3.1.1 || Release Date: 2010-05-30 || License: Commercial with demo ($65 or $25) Developer: Spanning Partners, LLC | App Owner: dangnelson

Sync Google Calendar and Apple iCal.

Synchronize Google Calendar and Apple iCal. Share calendars between multiple Macs. Share calendars with your coworkers, family, and friends. And while you're at it, connect Google Calendar to your iPod, mobile phone, and other devices.

The Best of Both Worlds

What if you could combine Google Calendar's powerful sharing features, Gmail integration, and notifications with iCal's beautiful interface and offline operation? Now you can.

With Spanning Sync, your iCal calendars are kept in sync with Google Calendar, which means you can use the best features of both to manage your schedule.

Supports Google Apps for Your Domain

Spanning Sync offers full support for Google Apps for Your Domain. So whether your organization is a one-person company or a 40,000-person university, your enterprise calendars are seamlessly connected to your Macs.

Multiple Macs, One Set of Calendars

If you're lucky enough to have more than one Mac, keeping your data organized can be a challenge. But Spanning Sync makes it simple to organize your calendars. Just sync your iCal calendars on all of your Macs to the same Google Calendar account. That way whether you're using your Mac Pro at work, your iMac at home, or your MacBook on the go, your calendars are always up to date. And since Spanning Sync is licensed per-person not per-computer, you can install it on as many Macs as you like.

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25 Opinions

I've been using Spanning Sync for a couple years and it's great. There were some roadbumps a couple of years ago (duplicated entries, mainly), but their support is AMAZING. I can always count on my calendar entries between iCal and Google being in sync, and my contacts as well. I really wouldn't go back. Well worth the price for the day-to-day usefulness.

This software is not stable at all, pretty much like some kind of free open source software.

Under Leopard or Snow Leopard, it consumes a lot of CPU and create duplicate entries. It has deleted a lot of contacts until I realized it was its fault and not my cell phone's synchronization.

Unfortunately, I waste 25 bucks.

riluske: CalDAV is currently read-only on the iPhone, so not a solution for me and many others.

BusySync is doing the job nicely for me, and at considerably lesser cost!

Or, instead of spending money, you could sync through ical by following these instructions...

I agree with the previous posts, the developer needs to reconsider their pricing. It does, however, do what it does well. The latest version (beta) syncs Google contacts which is a huge deal for me, so I'm happily using it for now... and it's working great (on Leopard even). I only paid for a year (and not the lifetime subscription) as I am hoping the developer will adjust their price or another similar product will come along that also syncs Google contacts.

There were serious problems with Spanning Sync and Leopard. These were supposed to be resolved by the Leopard 10.5.3 update. However, it still doesn't work for me -- I get continual conflicts when syncing. If you value the integrity of your calendars, steer clear of this -- it just isn't worth the risk.

Works like a charm. If there was not that price tag. I have been using the program for almost a year now and have to decide whether to continue the subscription, extend to lifelong membership or take a look at other products.

When the beta was over I said I would never pay (at least not that much) for a service like this, something Google will offer for free soon. Google hasn't yet launched anything. I've tried gSync and BusySync both with duplicate entries and lots of hassle. SpanningSync GETS THE JOB DONE. It's so easy even my grandma could use it, I love this app. Downside is still the price, I think it could be dropped with 5 bucks at least but hey, we all want to make money and the creators of SS deseves it!

Great future alternative is: <a href=""></a>

The google feature is coming in Feb. and the price is right.

Beware -- 1.1.3 can't be trusted on Leopard. For me, it caused a variety of missed syncs and duplicated events meaning I had to patch up my calendars by hand. I regret the $65 I spent. Not sure there's an alternative though -- it looks like gSync has similar issues and GCalDaemon doesn't work at all on Leopard.

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