Version: 1.4.5 || Release Date: 2014-03-31 || License: Commercial with demo ($0.99) Developer: HUGUENOT Seraphin | App Owner: serahug

Speech combines all the features of the speech synthesizer of Mac OS X into a single, easy-to-use interface.
Under Lion or Mountain Lion, many languages ​​are available: choose among more than 80 voices !

Drag or paste text into Speech and start reading. You can change at any time the voice and the speech rate. Click on a word to playback from a specific point of the text.
Export the text into an audio file, share or listen on an digital audio player.

• Compatible with Mac OS X 10.7's & 10.8's voices: 80 high quality new voices and over 40 languages.
• Save time, listening a text is faster than reading.
• Efficient to learn and be sure of the pronunciation.

* * * Some Tips * * *

- Use the new voices of OS X Lion and Mountain Lion (Click on "Speech" item of "System Preferences" to download high quality new voices).

- Keyboard shortcuts :
cmd+s : Speak
cmd+e : Edit
cmd+r : Restart

* Speech is also compatible with Snow Leopard to read texts in English (with High quality American Male Voice : Alex). Fifteen effects are also available.

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