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Version: 5.2.15 || Release Date: 2010-04-06 || License: Shareware ($25) Developer: Yazsoft | App Owner: mcgpp

Developed exclusively for Mac OS X Tiger and later, Speed Download 4 marks the next generation of powerful and reliable, time-saving download managers. Faster and more secure, more features, easier to use and sporting a new look, this latest Speed Download release sets a new standard for download manager innovation, and is designed to be your central, unified hub for almost all the downloading and file transfer activities you do online.

Some of the new features include the following:
- a gorgeous new interface, thanks to the great job done by IconDrawer.
- a re-engineered 'universal' download engine optimized for maximum performance,
- a powerful database to manage all your downloads, uploads, and file transfers,
- a FTP client (with SSL) that satisfies the basic FTP needs of most users,
- a secure, high performance P2P file sharing utility (with encryption),
- a high performance utility for downloading web content for offline viewing,
- .Mac iDisk integration,
- auto-resuming file transfers all the time,
- unlimited UNDOs throughout the entire application,
- smart folder technology,
- and much more!

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Please be aware of the current problems surrounding Yazsoft's upgrade policy before deciding to do business with them.

They have used a "bait and switch" scam tactic to try and extract money from MacHeist customers.


Yazsoft is really appearing like a shady company to me now. I can understand charging users for an upgrade, but not when you just received 10,000 pretty tech savvy new users. If they would have waited to upgrade for maybe even one more month, they could have gotten away with it. But because all of the MacHeist users fall into the "free upgrade" window, they were stupid to try and charge us. They should have waited until that free window was past us if they had any business intelligence at all.

I'm very disappointed with SpeedDownload because they recently decided to charge to upgrade to version 5. I haven't used v5, but 4.1.1, that I also bought from MacHeist, didn't feel like a mac app, more like a windows program. It seems that they have included a mini-itunes-like small version, but this won't make me pay for the upgrade.

I feel Yazsoft can't ask its customers to pay for an upgrade one month after buying the app. I won't use SD again and recommend you to do the same.

I received this app as part of the macheist 2 bundle, and I have really tried to give it a shot. So far I have to say I am unimpressed. It is a LOT more difficult to setup than DownThemAll, firefox extension, and doesn't do anything more for me. I have had problems making queries on websites with this active with the firefox plugin, and the sorting seems to be buggy. Admittedly, some of my issues could be due to inexperience - but i certainly think there are better free alternatives for anyone who didn't get this in the bundle.

I telecommute so one of my issues is time consumed by uploading/downloading files from my company's server.

I am on a MAC system, connect via Cisco VPN client and have a DSL connection.

Is this app flexible enough so that I can point it to certain files on my computer (or server depending if I am uploading or downloading) and transfer them? Is it a standalone app or does it have to work within the specified browsers?

I don't know how I lived before Speed Download. There are eatures I haven't even figured out yet but I'm hands down addicted to the ones I use. It has replaced Pathfinder, most of Cyberduck (and will completely soon, I'm sure), iTunes for Audible and certain others, ... oh, the list is long and getting longer... It even behaves as a kind of version tracker as I can look back at the various versions of an app that has been updated or that I've uploaded to our dev servers. It hasn't replaced Terminal though :)
Good job, guys.

DownThemAll! is a very nice Firefox extension. The obvious advantage of SpeedDownload is that it supports multiple browsers[*] so people like me, who don't use Firefox as their day-to-day browser, can still take advantage of all its features.

Then there's the scheduling (I use this a lot because of ISP restrictions which are common in the UK), bandwidth throttling, post-processing (auto-unarchiving etc.), iTunes integration and a whole heap of features which I don't make the best use of.

As for the price, I suppose it depends on how much you value the extras and how often you use the program. If DownThemAll! does everything you need, then $25 is a lot. DownThemAll! is essentially useless to me, and I really value the features in SpeedDownload. That, plus the fact it's one of my most used applications, means I think it's worth every cent of its $25 price tag.

[*] While it supports just about all the browsers on OSX, it's fair to point out that the best integration is with Safari.

I don't know why everyone is so crazy about this app, DownThemAll! can do the most things this Software can except it's free.

OK, a download-manager as a stand-alone app is nice, because when Firefox crashes (what happens quite often) DTA! also crashes.

Speed Download is nice but EXTREMELY overpriced.

Much MUCH better than downthemall

Is this better than the free add-on to Firefox, DownThemAll! ?

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