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Version: 5.2.15 || Release Date: 2010-04-06 || License: Shareware ($25) Developer: Yazsoft | App Owner: mcgpp

Developed exclusively for Mac OS X Tiger and later, Speed Download 4 marks the next generation of powerful and reliable, time-saving download managers. Faster and more secure, more features, easier to use and sporting a new look, this latest Speed Download release sets a new standard for download manager innovation, and is designed to be your central, unified hub for almost all the downloading and file transfer activities you do online.

Some of the new features include the following:
- a gorgeous new interface, thanks to the great job done by IconDrawer.
- a re-engineered 'universal' download engine optimized for maximum performance,
- a powerful database to manage all your downloads, uploads, and file transfers,
- a FTP client (with SSL) that satisfies the basic FTP needs of most users,
- a secure, high performance P2P file sharing utility (with encryption),
- a high performance utility for downloading web content for offline viewing,
- .Mac iDisk integration,
- auto-resuming file transfers all the time,
- unlimited UNDOs throughout the entire application,
- smart folder technology,
- and much more!

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27 Opinions

Totally fabulous, I love it to pieces :D

I'm interested... but what's in the unregistered version? I can't find info on it anywhere on the website. And, frankly, I'm leery of installing things I don't think I'll use (it's one of the reasons my computers run as fast as they do: they're clean).

As a switcher myself, I cannot recommend this enough to anyone else moving from Windows to OSX looking for an equivalent to FlashGet (my personal choice), GetRight or the other big name Windows downloaders.

It totally fits the Apple profile and "just works." Having the ability to use multiple connections/streams for a single download, as SpeedDownload does, is about the only way I can get the highest available speeds out of my broadband connection. This handles it all behind the scenes and handles it well.

Most of the time I forget it's there which is, I think, the greatest compliment for an application such as this, which is called into action daily.

Speed! The fast and the furious, smokin' tires, flaming exhaustion pipes. Roaring engines, fuzzy blurry shapes rushing by. The crowd is going wild. Screaming girls all wrapped up in leather. Green, green, green... Heh, yes, this is a speed improving app, and so much more!

best download manager for me hands down.

Used this since version 1.x. I cannot verify that it INCREASES the speed of your downloads but is GREAT for going back to download previous files because it can keep a complete history and search for the old file and click the re-download button.

Also is great for downloading a ton of files at once and putting them into a queue of your liking.

This app is not only the most reliable download out there, but it has replaced Transmit for me!!! Yes, it has a kick ass FTP client built right in. Also, it integrates with Transmission (the bets bittorrent application for mac os x).

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