Spell Catcher

Version: 10.2.3 || Release Date: 2007-08-14 || License: Shareware ($14.95) App Owner: folishsteve

Spell Catcher X's all-in-one-product features include:

* Comprehensive dictionaries supporting for fourteen different languages
* Instant Thesaurus and Dictionary Definition look up
* Global writing support--in virtually every Mac OS X app!
* Customizable shorthand glossaries
* Extensive writing statistics for educational and personal use
* Checking in as-you-type (interactive) and after-you've-typed (batch-checking) modes
* Customizable text manipulation tools
* Integrated with the standard Mac OS X Spelling Panel
* Supports OS X text completion
* Completion features from the input method
* Look Up over the internet from online Dictionary Servers
* Numerous ways to access its features: The Services Menu, Dock Menu, Input Menu
* Read and write Spell Catcher 8 and Spell Catcher Plus files directly

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