Version: 1.0r1 || Release Date: 2006-12-05 || License: Shareware ($7.00) Developer: Porchdog Software | App Owner: jennsbl

Visual Clipboard- See thumbnail images of each clipping
Shared Clippings - Drag and drop clippings over the network
Security - Messages are encrypted using 128 bit blowfish encryption
Zero Configuration - Just install and you're ready to share
Try Before You Buy - Download Spike today and try it for free

Spike uses native copy and paste features to create visual clipboards containing thumbnail images of each clipping. The images are scalable, so you can identify the text or image you’re looking for without opening a file. And you can create multiple clipboards to organize the clippings so that they are easy to find. Spike is secure. All data is encrypted automatically, and you can password-protect access to your clipboard.

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1 Opinion

Work network and home network this app is great to transfer files from machine to machine without moving them to a server, logging into another machine or bogging down your own email with attachments. Quite useful! volume discounts available bring it down to as low as $5 a copy.