Spirited Away

Version: 0.7.2 || Release Date: 2009-09-04 || License: Freeware App Owner: standsolid

Spirited Away (who's namesake is a well-received anime) is a tiny os x app that hides inactive windows on your os x desktop.

It's a great way for a user to keep focus on their most foreground app.

I use it to fool everyone around me that I am not ADD.

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For those whose apps don't hide after awhile - try excluding Finder from Spirited Away by clicking on Finder in the Exclude List in the menubar menu. I was having troubles hiding Google Chrome and some other applications at all (cmd+h dock or app menu) until I discovered this fix, now everything works! If anyone knows how to automatically exclude Finder at login it'd be greatly appreciated!

The new version (0.7.2) works great under snow leopard. And the new hotkey function to turn it on and off is much welcome.

I'm also finding this app doesn't consistently work, but I sure wish it did. I'd even pay for a professional version that includes customizing times for individual applications, and also including the ability to have certain quit instead of hide after a certain period time of non-use. (note: for some reason, it will never hide Preview on my computer.)

<a href="http://osx.iusethis.com/app/hideallapps">HideAllApps</a> is a great Universal alternative.

works well for me; version 0.7 reports itself as version 0.6, however, which makes AppFresh perpetually think that the installed version is out of date

i cant get this to work. Nothing seems to happen.

I have exactly the same problem. Spirited away works fine - for a couple of hours, then it just stops responding.

There is a conflict in this app that prevents it from working after a while on my computer. I'm trying to debug what app it is that make it happen.

I've never had any issues at all even with f11 and cmd-tab on an Intel Mac. I'm using the 0.7 Universal version.

Have the issues been resolved, as raised by nicedexter 2006-08-30 et al.?

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