Spirited Away

Version: 0.7.2 || Release Date: 2009-09-04 || License: Freeware App Owner: standsolid

Spirited Away (who's namesake is a well-received anime) is a tiny os x app that hides inactive windows on your os x desktop.

It's a great way for a user to keep focus on their most foreground app.

I use it to fool everyone around me that I am not ADD.

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Great user experience. Things just seem to lighten up once in a while :)

Great app.

There is a Universal version for this.

The latest version is 0.7 (Universal) which is available at MacUpdate. Versiontracker only has 0.5 (PPC) at the moment.

You can also visit developer’s homepage. http://spiritedaway.drikin.com. For now, simply going to http://www.drikin.com returns an error page.

Hope this helps!

Here are two alternatives that are universal


It seems to cause weird problems when I use it with Photoshop or Illustrator open. Maybe because they don't use Command - H as their hide keys?

Other than that, a great little app. Hopefully development is not over.

Great app! But buggy on Mac Intel: Disable the F11 and command-tab keys.

The link seems to be dead. A quick google search turned up http://drikin.com/spiritedaway/en but the URL seems unresponsive.

This is a nice application, but development seems dead. No universal binary

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