Split & Concat

Version: 3.0 || Release Date: 2009-09-05 || License: Shareware (Unknown) App Owner: mingistech

In Internet newsgroups large files often are split into smaller parts since messages can't be of more than a certain size to be able to post them in newsgroups. For that reason you can find often binary files that are split in parts like filename.mp3.001, filename.mp3.002, filename.mp3.003 It is possible to put these parts together using commands in the Terminal yet not everybody is handy with that. Split & Concat is a small utility with the OS X interface that makes it easy for people to split large files to be uploaded, or to put together split files downloaded from the Internet.

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Writes directly to the destination folder when splitting. This is very useful if the destination folder is on a separate drive, as it makes the whole operation faster.