Sports Fan

Version: 1.3.24 || Release Date: 2010-05-02 || License: Freeware App Owner: aahndee

Keep an eye on your favorite sports teams - all the information you need in one single and small widget. Show the current scoreboard, full results from previous days, the upcoming schedule (game times are displayed in your local time), or current division and standings. The widget supports Baseball (MLB and minor leagues down to Class A), Basketball (NBA, WNBA, and Men's NCAA College), Football (NFL and NCAA College), and Hockey (NHL). You can open multiple instances of the widget to track different sports or teams - each instance of the widget will remember your selections.

N.B. -
Looking for my "Baseball", "Basketball", "Football", and "Hockey" widgets?
These widgets are now all combined into the "Sports Fan" widget and are no longer supported in their previous stand-alone versions. The new widget offers the same or even more functionality, preserving the previous individual looks while being easier to support and enhance or extend in the future.

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