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Spotify is a new way to enjoy music. Simply download and install, before you know it you’ll be singing along to the genre, artist or song of your choice. With Spotify you are never far away from the song you want.

There are no restrictions in terms of what you can listen to or when. Forget about the hassle of waiting for files to download and fill up your hard drive before you get round to organising them. Spotify is instant, fun and simple.

Because music is social, Spotify allows you to share songs and playlists with friends, and even work together on collaborative playlists, Friday afternoon in the office might never be the same again! We’re music lovers like everyone else.

We want to connect millions of people with their favorite songs by creating a product that people love to use. We respect creativity and believe in fairly compensating artists for their work. We’ve cleared the rights to use the music you’ll listen to in Spotify.

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I am freely using this, no subscription necessary if you don't mind the occasional ad. There was a 17 minute gap between my 1st and 2nd ad. I'm not too fussed about those ads as I was too busy looking through their huge catalogue of music and listening to albums that I can't afford to buy.

So far, so good. And of course it should be on iusethis, jealousy about not having an invite is no reason to start a witch hunt for closed betas.

9.99 € / month where i live (Germany), just like some one else has written.

Inacceptable for me. But I signed up as «interested in being invited to the beta program» nevertheless...

9.99 € / month where i live! spotify is the best, it's like a similar eye-opening effect as when napster came crashing on the interwebs way back then, except this has (almost) all music ever made readily available and it's legal on top of everything else.

ps. I don't have invitations.

If they are going to advertise on iusethis, they should at least provide access to its users. Nothing like having a bad taste in your mouth before you get to use the product.

right salan, but my psy calls this 'frustration' :[

vesperdem, bitnix;

Several applications on iusethis are currently not available to the general public, e.g. and, yet quite a few people actually do have access to them. Does it really bother you that much that these applications are listed, so the respective users can track new versions easily?

so, where can I get an invitation?

ok, understand, must read : "i 'will' use this"... :)

Ho! Really good screenshot! Damned :]
First ersatz software in iUseThis, why not ?

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