Version: 1.6.1 || Release Date: 2009-11-19 || License: Shareware ($19.95) Developer: Dragan Milic | App Owner: milke
Springy is a simple to use, yet powerful archiving and compression utility for Mac OS X. All archiving tasks can be done via Drag and Drop, system Services Menu or through Springy’s Finder contextual menu.

Springy features at a glance:

  • Open and browse the contents of an archive or disk image without extracting any file from it.
  • Quickly extract all files or only files of choice from an archive or disk image.
  • Quickly extract the whole archive or disk image by double-clicking its file in a Finder.
  • Modify the contents of an existing archive or disk image: add, overwrite, delete and rename files in an archive or disk image.
  • Full Drag & Drop support for archiving and extracting from and into Finder.
  • Archiving and extracting tasks may be accomplished quickly and efficiently using system Services Menu in Snow Leopard or Finder contextual menu in Leopard and earlier.
  • Edit and modify any file in an archive or disk image by double click.
  • Live preview of many types of files inside archive, without extracting.
  • Browsing files in archives and disk images and extracting particular file or folder using hierarchical Finder contextual menu.

Springy supports all most widely used archiving and compression formats: ZIP, TAR, RAR, 7Z, PAX, CPIO, CPGZ, GZIP, BZIP2, UNIX Compress, SIT, JAR and DMG and ISO disk images. Support for more will come in future releases.

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5 Opinions

only $10 at maczot for the next 11 hours

I heard that the developer is prepairing something nice for version 1.5 which comes out in a couple of months :)

This keeps getting better. Very, very nice and worth every penny. Very nice integration with Finder and even Path Finder to some degree. Excellent!

Very nice. The contextual menu plugin is very handy. Developer is very responsive.

Great tool, I don't use StuffIt anymore.