Version: 2.0.0 || Release Date: 2006-07-10 || License: Commercial with demo ($59.00) App Owner: kelmon

Native Mac OS X SQL editor and developer tool that gives you the tools needed to make your database development easy. Using SQLGrinder you can create, edit and execute SQL statements. You can browse your database schema. You can easily import and export database information.

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This app does not run under snow leopard (MacOSX 10.6) all currently released version are for 10.5 or earlier. They seem to using some Cocoa-Java stuff that doesn't exist anymore.

Hi !

I currently use SQLEditor.
I tested SQLGrinder and SQLeditor at the same time. My preferences first went to SQLGrinder (but I don't remember why !) but after a short trial of SQLEditor I gave up SQLGrinder.

SQLEditor have a wonderfull support ! I send few feedback and each time I had answer and problem were solved in the next release (monthly).

Alright software, could be better if it was updated more often. Unfortunately it's the best currently available for OS X (at least that I've used).

List of things that drive me nuts

• Lack of support JDBC URIs (ie: jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://server)
• Ability to hide result set to have a bigger editor (i mean it is an IDE, no?)
• When in the browser i can't seem to find a hot key for the search box/field
• The ability to support multiple statements using by terminating them with “GO” or semicolons (preferably an option).
• “Delete line” key
• Refactor/Tidy code.

Excellent software. The query auto-complete (just press ESC) and syntax coloring are very well implemented.

Two things I don't like:

1) When you do table joins, in the resulting window, the name of the tables is not prepended to the column names.

2) You can set the "Maximum rows to fetch" in the preferences, but I prefer to have it like in Navicat: "Number of rows per page". So if I set the preference to 1000 and I need to see record 1001, I can just go to page 2.

Open a new 'browser' to have a visual view of your databases.

Very, very nice SQL tool. Much more stable and better threaded than, for example, CocoaMySQL, but this app is purely for managing queries -- it doesn't have graphical administration functions.

Simple and a full Cocoa application at a reasonable price. I'm stuck in a Windows-based organisation funding my own software for work and this is the application that I use to query Oracle databases here.

Please note that the application ships with JDBC drivers for most databases, including Oracle 8i, but oddly without drivers for 9i or 10g. Installation of these drivers is relatively simple but was annoying.