Version: 0.8.6 || Release Date: 2011-02-23 || License: Shareware ($24.90) Developer: Axel Peju | App Owner: axwwel

Squirrel is a personnal finance application for Mac OS X. It helps you track and plan your finance with ease and fun.

Squirrel is a simple finance application for Mac OS X. It has been designed for users who want a simple way to track and plan their finances.


  • Budgets: Plan how much you allow yourself to spend on some categories and tags.
  • History graph: full color graph that shows you the history of your accounts.
  • Reports: graphical reports so you can see were your money goes.
  • Smart folders: filter your transactions just like in iTunes.
  • Netbanking: check your bank website from within the application.
  • Localization : English, German, Japanese and French.

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8 Opinions

Word of warning, its been reported this app, if it believes you are using pirated software, it collects some personal information from the user's address book and finance data and sends them to the developers' servers on the background without giving any warning or asking for permission.

Adore this app - took one look at it and bought it. Netbanking sounds interesting...

love this app...but I haaaaaaate the icon

I tried almost all e-banking apps on the Mac market.
Squirrel matches all my needs: cheap, neat, nicely integrated to Mac OSX (smart folders, tags, core technology,...), easy to use, and the most important functions are here. Budgets, reports (beautifully printed if needed) and recurring operations. You can even connect to your online bank within the app itself.

Great app! Used it for my holiday expenses, when I couldn't access my online bank info. Works like a charm!

fantastic app :D made my life very easy

I enjoy using squirrel. Its reporting features are not quite as robust as I would like, but overall, is a very slick app.

I want to really like this app, but i cant seem to put in recurring payments like rent which is really annoying!