Version: 1.0.0 || Release Date: 2007-10-25 || License: BSD License App Owner: sarnesjo

SSH File System for MacFUSE (requires MacFUSE Core)

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Even for me this is a great app..I can work with the home directory of my university, so that everything is backed up every night, without doing nothing on my iBook

This app is awesome!


TinkerTool can disable the use of .DS_Store files on network drives. I'm guessing this would work for that. I'm actually really glad you mentioned it so that I'll use it for mounted SFTP/FTP drives now.

Oh, you can get it here:

Maybe a dumb question, but:

Will those pesky .DS files and other hiden OS X proprietary files be saved on the SSH volume, when operating on it? If so, are there any function or workaround to circumvent that from happening?

Does exactly as advertised (and well)

SSHFS rocks! :D
If you ever find yourself needing to browse, or more importantly transfer files to and from an SSH/SFTP server, this is for you. It mounts the remote directory as a read/write volume. You can even edit files on the volume and the results will be transferred as soon as you save!

This is awesome for web development.

The only thing it can't really do right now is sudo, but that might be tough to implement.