SSH Tunnel Manager

Version: 2.0b3 || Release Date: 2006-07-15 || License: GPL Developer: | App Owner: spiken

SSH Tunnel Manager is a tool to manage SSH Tunnels (commonly invoked with -L and -R arguments in the console). With SSH Tunnel Manager you can setup many tunnels as you wish, each one containing many port redirections as you wish. Once tunnels are configured, all you have to do is Start, or Stop the tunnels.

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SSHKeychain does the same thing, and also acts as an SSH auth agent, which is helpful for a bunch of other programs, like SSHFS and SFTP clients like Fugu.

I just noticed the website has only a powerpc version. Luckily the author's website has the source code so I quickly compiled an universal binary here:

Better than launching Rosetta for that!

Nice, but its documentation web page should be updated.