Version: 1.0 beta17 || Release Date: 2009-07-01 || License: Freeware Developer: Lexcycle, LLC | App Owner: seawolf

For reading eBooks, digital newspapers, other digital publications.

Stanza is a program for reading eBooks, digital newspapers, and other digital publications. The software supports the eBook formats epub, MS LIT, Amazon Kindle, Mobipocket, and PalmDoc, as well as general document formats HTML, PDF, MS Word, and Rich Text Format.

Stanza features a variety of text layout views, such as multicolumn, vertical scrolling, and horizontal scrolling. Significantly, Stanza also supports exporting to a wide array of formats for use on the Apple iPhone using a bookmarklet technique, as well as mobile devices using 3rd party readers such as Mobipocket or the Amazon Kindle, and can also export books as audiobook MP3s.

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8 Opinions

Seems dead: "Unfortunately Stanza is dead. Marc Prud'hommeaux (the original and last Stanza developer at Amazon) quit in May. There will be no updates (and Amazon has not responded to requests to make Stanza open-source). "

No, it doesn't look discontinued, but the desktop version is rather hidden, it seems they have put a large emphasis on their iPhone app. Here is the link to the mac download

Seems the OS X version has been discontinued. All they offer now is an iPhone/iPad app.

While the iphone app is excellent, I find the os x app rather disappointing; its rather slow and lacking polish. Stanza does have multiple view styles, but I much prefer Tofu, which is also free. The only thing I use Stanza for is sending books to the iphone app. I hope once it goes out of beta you can still use the demo to transfer books, as I can't justify spending the $15 for that.

This is not the right program to get if you want a speedreading interface.

$15 seems very reasonable, considering the (spectacular) iPhone app is free.

It's free for now, but likely $15 when it's out of beta:

Is this really freeware?
MacUpdate says that the price is $15.