Version: 1.3 || Release Date: 2007-08-05 || License: Freeware App Owner: mt36000

Startrail is a little, simple Mac OS X app. It simply leaves a trail of shiny stars behind your mouse pointer, wherever it goes. That's it, for now.

Startrail is free, so feel free to download it and use it as long as you please. Suggestions for improvements are very appreciated. And if you like it, please consider a small donation to support its development. Thank you.

Release Notes:

* 1.3: Added color settings (fixed or changing colors, color variation speed) and bursts size settings. Added the possibility to keep the trail continuous.
* 1.2: Added the possibility to generate a single burst of stars to locate the mouse pointer. Added hotkeys for pause and burst functions. Added settings for stars size, rotation and gravity.
* 1.1: Added a menu item to pause the app without quitting it.
* 1.0: Initial release.
o 1.0.1: Fixed a bug that caused the app to show only in the lower-left side of the screen.

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