Version: 0.83 || Release Date: 2010-11-06 || License: GPL Developer: Peter Pearson | App Owner: nestor2

A free, fast, OS X native and easy-to-use personal finance app for OS X

A fast, free/open source, simple personal finance app, with the following features:
  • ability to easily add/edit/view transactions
  • localised date and currency formats
  • split transactions
  • import/export of OFX files
  • import/export of QIF files
  • multiple accounts
  • scheduled transactions
  • pie chart and area chart graphs

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6 Opinions

Just a simple app to keep what's going on with your money, clever and cleand, and don't bother you with annoying functions that just don't need.

Best of all is that you can sync over Dropbox, only save the file on the Dropbox folder and you can have all your transactions over whatever mac you have.

Hope I can find Stash on the Mac App Store to support their develoment and support his developer; or maybe find another way to support it.

Thank you for this app, a keep improving it.

Dear developer,
Thanks for the fast feedback.
One of the features that I would like to have working properly is the order of the columns. I'm able to move them but, after relaunch, they return to their "default" positions.
I also would like to have a column with the type of transaction and the possibility to customize those types.
I also would like to chose what columns I want displayed in the app's window. For example, I have no need for a "categories" column and I would like to remove it.
And, finally, it would be nice if you could implement some kind of encryption.
There are a few more features that you could include in Stash, but there are those that I think will be more useful for me.
Thanks. Keep the good work!

I've created a new temporary link to 0.6 until the problem on Github gets sorted.
Also, could you let me know what features aren't working properly so I can fix them? Thanks.

I would like to try version 0.60, but the download link still leads to version 0.51, even in the developer's website. (Sunday, January 3rd, 2010, at 15:57 GMT.)

The problem I mentioned in my previous post is solved with version 0.5.1.
It's still an early beta and there are quite a few features that do not work properly yet. But the app is very promising.
Keep the good work!

I'm unable to test it. It crashes every time I try to save the account data.
I use an Intel iMac (Dual Core, 2 GHz), running Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6.2).