Stationery Pack

Version: 2.5.1 || Release Date: 2010-01-22 || License: Commercial with demo (29.95) Developer: equinux | App Owner: equ

Make your emails extraordinary! With Stationery Pack (for Leopard and Snow Leopard Mail), you'll have unique and amazing high-quality stationery options for nearly every occasion: Business, Leisure, Sports, Vacation, Holidays, Invitations, Anniversaries and Congratulations.

Stationery Pack from equinux expands the stationery function of Mail with a wide array of high-quality stationery templates. Take advantage of the wealth of possibilities that Stationery Pack offers to personalize your emails. The Stationery Pack software manages both stationery template packages: Stationery Pack with 111 templates, for Mac users who want to create sophisticated, customized emails and Stationery Pack 2 with another 122 designs, for users who expect the best in email design and techonology. Discover the next generation of email. Discover Stationery Pack.

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3 Opinions

equinux just came out with Stationery Pack 2 with even more options. And now you can play around with designs as well as personalize the templates. Totally worth it.

Since I installed Leopard I haven't really used the stationery all that much. There wasn't a lot of options. You get a ton of stationery with this. It makes it kinda fun to send to friends and family once in awhile. Nice addition to mail stationery.

Beautiful. Worth the price.