Version: 4.0.2 || Release Date: 2010-03-08 || License: Shareware ($20) App Owner: kelmon

Special driver for USB and Bluetooth mouse.
You can customize buttons, wheels and cursor speed freely.

SteerMouse supports USB and Bluetooth mice. It will even work with mice designed for Windows PCs. You can customize your mouse freely even if there is no Macintosh's driver.

SteerMouse has convenient and unique functions that Apple's driver does not include. SteerMouse makes the best use of the Mighty Mouse.

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Me too, the Logitech MX1000 is a really crappy mouse without this Prefpane.

When the Logitech drivers provided for my wireless mouse didn't provide a suitable application switch function, SteerMouse gave me what I wanted as well as supporting all of the mouse's functions.

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