Version: 4.0.2 || Release Date: 2010-03-08 || License: Shareware ($20) App Owner: kelmon

Special driver for USB and Bluetooth mouse.
You can customize buttons, wheels and cursor speed freely.

SteerMouse supports USB and Bluetooth mice. It will even work with mice designed for Windows PCs. You can customize your mouse freely even if there is no Macintosh's driver.

SteerMouse has convenient and unique functions that Apple's driver does not include. SteerMouse makes the best use of the Mighty Mouse.

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Excellent Preferences app. If you're mostly a mouse user, this is a must have plug-in. Saves a lot of time with repetitive mouse strokes. I use the i-rocks Laser mouse. It's an affordable 3-button mouse (plus wheel) and I haven't had any problems with it.

Logitech G5 users BEWARE: As of July 2008 (perhaps earlier), SteerMouse no longer supports changing resolution (DPI) on the fly. When I emailed the developers, they simply said the feature "could no longer be supported." They offered a complicated and insufficient workaround that involved creating an AppleScript to change the resolution. This solution, however, required me to devote three buttons to resolution changing: lower, higher, and "reset to normal."

According to other iusethis users, Logitech's Control Center software doesn't work, either. Anybody have any ideas?

When I bought my macbook I was surprised how much I loved it, but after a few weeks I was getting worried about the terrible mouse acceleration curve that basically stopped me from using an external mouse.

This should be bundled with OSX! It solved all my mouse problem. A must have.

If you have an MX1000, you NEED this program to map all the buttons! Logitech's pref pane doesn't even come close to having the number of settings this program has. I would say this is the closest equivalent I've found to having uberOptions for Windows' SetPoint.

The Apple Mighty Mouse is not very useful without this. The ability to create custom profiles for each application is GREAT!

This is the only piece of software I could find that let me turn off Apple's ridiculous mouse acceleration curve.

Used it. Loved it. Bought it.

This is the best mouse driver/program available for the Mac, period. Supports nearly all USB mice and even works with Bluetooth mice. If you have more than two buttons on your mouse you need this program.

It's even a good replacement for the next-best mouse software from Microsoft. Using SteerMouse you can use left and right wheel clicking in a browser as back/forward. Very handy. SUPER smooth mouse movement and acceleration, plus a lot of actions you can set to any button.

I've used USB Overdrive and Gamepad companion as well - neither can touch Steermouse's features, ease of use, support and performance.

This program is mandatory for all Logitech multi-button mice.

Nice app, adds acceleration and enhanced button use w/mighty mouse. Like the jump to default as well.

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