Stellar JPEG file repair for Mac

Version: 2.0 || Release Date: 2013-04-14 || License: Commercial with demo (USD39) Developer: Stellar Information Technology Pvt. Ltd. | App Owner: tompatrick

Stellar JPEG file repair for Mac 1.0

JPG files are frequently used image file on any OS including Mac. Being such popular file types, the cases of JPEG corruption are often faced by Mac OS X users. The reasons for corruption of JPG files can vary from unexpected Mac shutdown, virus infection, rude ejection of memory card from the camera or system, improper file transfer between two medias etc. To handle such a corruption, Stellar JPEG file repair for Mac is used which locates all corrupted JPEG files from the system HD and repairs them. Thumbnails of the corrupted image files can also be extracted with the help of JPEG repair tool. The demo is free but only limited to let the user preview the repaired JPG files. To save the repaired file on Mac hard drive, one must register for the full version. Try the demo now.

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Get JPEG Repair for Mac which can works for all instances of JPEG file corruption including corrupt header, damaged or broken JPEG data, and damage to the JPEG file structure.

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