Stellar Volume Repair

Version: 1.0 || Release Date: 2012-12-04 || License: Commercial with demo (USD49) Developer: Stellar Information Technology Pvt. Ltd. | App Owner: tompatrick

Avail free trial of Mac volume repair by Stellar

When disk utility fails to solve typical cryptic errors, damaged directory structure and retunrs confusing errors like 'Invalid key length', 'Invalid index key', Stellar Mac Volume Repair tool jumps in to resuce the volume and prevent it from further failures. Once the scaning of the hard drive begins, the tool verifies catalog-files, overflow & journaled files, bitmap and volume information etc. Some of the salient features are listed below:

  • Heals sever volume issues
  • Scans for bad directory structure and rebuilds it
  • Creates boot DVD
  • Friendly UI
  • Gives the user to roll back in case the severity of damage os beyong the repair
  • Like Disk Utility, it performs verification of Mac boot volume

This tool is of much help and can be run on the hard drive on regular basis to avoid any chances of occurence of errors.

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