Still Life

Version: 2.3.4 || Release Date: 2006-08-06 || License: Shareware ($24.95) Developer: Granted Software | App Owner: atariboy

Still Life allows you to pan and zoom over digital images and produce a video for use in iMovie, iDVD or any other multimedia project. Well beyond the built-in Ken Burns Effect of iMovie, it lets you to take multiple "shots" of an image, pan along a curve and rotate the "camera" as you please. OpenGL high quality rendering rivals that of applications costing hundreds of dollars. Still Life is compatible with iMovie 2, 3, 4 and iMovie HD.

Also great for quickly making explanatory videos, where you can show a photo or graphic, and then zoom in on details. etc.

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1 Opinion

The UI of this app is so fantastic; it’s one of the most original and elegant I have seen in years. And the results are spectacular.