Version: 1.26 || Release Date: 2011-04-06 || License: Commercial with demo ($29.95) Developer: shinywhitebox ltd | App Owner: scornflake

Video re-compressor.

Stomp is a video re-compressor that makes the job of finishing off videos easy. It lets you compress a video and make it much smaller on disk, resize the video (known as cropping) and scale the video (either up or down). You can also add effects to the video - for example, decreasing its brightness.

Captured video can now be converted from any QuickTime format to any other utilizing the same preset model as found in iShowU. Get your videos ready the easy way!

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5 Opinions

Stomp is a really great tool to have around. I often prefer to open it then Compressor when working on Final Cut projects.

This rocks -- a really handy piece of software.

Stomp was released on the 8th of November; with a price of $29.95.

The app is actually not priced yet - iShowU (another app entirely) is $20. Stomp is in beta, and the price won't be announced until it goes live.