Stop Dashboard Widget

Version: 1.0 || Release Date: 2006-07-11 || License: Freeware App Owner: natal

A 1-button widget which stops the Dashboard and removes it (and all its widgets) from memory.

Relaunch the Dashboard afterwards as normal, all widgets will reload.

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6 Opinions

not quite hansome enough 4 me. i use main menu. it gives loads of different tools like this stored up in ur menu. u should try it

Here's the AppleScript that does exactly the same thing:

tell application "Dock"
end tell

Awesome. While the dashboard and all the widgets take up relatively little resources, I have self-updating ones and process-hogging ones that also self-update. I love having them, but they choose the WORST times to update (usually in the midst of a big online battle. Thank you, Murphy).

This really is (IMO) the best solution for killing the dashboard. It's still available on command, but click a button, and it goes away completely.

Omahgawd. This widget belongs on your dashboard. If you play any kind of system-intensive games (for me, Quake 4), than you NEED this widget. It really is invaluable. Excellent. I give it 5 *****.

FANTASTIC little app.
It really should be included with OSX. Allows you to stop dashboard and all the little widgets (which take up memory).
Highly recommended.

Just like the description says, it is that easy and that effective. Quit Dashboard when you're done using it (since it's a widget itself) and just press F12 when you need it again. Seamless, and meanwhile no widgets are using your memory.