Version: 1.0.8 || Release Date: 2009-11-13 || License: Commercial with demo (16,99 GBP) App Owner: franzwalker

Stor is a MySQL database editor for Mac OS X.

Stor is a MySQL database editor for Mac OS X. Stor can create and edit tables, create new databases, and so much more.
Stor can import data from Microsoft Excel files, CSV files, Tab delimited files, and, of course, SQL dumps. It can export to all these formats easily too.
Stor can display a different kind of widget depending on the type of data displayed, for example, instead of having to write 'true' or 'false', simply click a checkbox.
ENUM type fields can even have pop-up menus allowing you to simply select the value you want.
You can save and organize your most used queries in the Collections area for quick access later. The Collections area allows you to categorize your queries into folders.
Stor is totally compatible with Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Mac OS X Leopard. Both PowerPC and Intel computers are supported.

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