Version: 2.0.1 || Release Date: 2008-08-12 || License: Commercial with demo ($59) Developer: Storyist Software | App Owner: sjs

Storyist® is a story development tool for novelists and screenwriters. With an intuitive interface that puts you in control and doesn't get in your way, Storyist provides:

  • A word processor with a page layout view that supports headers, footers, and style sheets.
  • A storyboard with customizable story sheets for tracking your plot, characters, and settings.
  • A project manager with fast, project-wide search capabilities to keep your writing organized and accessible.

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Storyist is a fantastically organized writing utility which has many intuitive tools for organizing your data—be it character information, relevant images, plot points and other useful tidbits, or even compiling separate manuscripts for different books or screenplays—all within a single document.

Since I started using Storyist, I've used it for virtually all of my writing needs, be it for school, or working on my own novels.

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Try Scrivener then. That is perfect.

How does this compare with Scrivener?

Storyist simply isn't a general purpose word processor. It isn't ment to be. I wouldn't use it for a presentation or a manual. It does, however, seamlessly merge word processing and database management features in an effort to solve a problem most WPs don't address: minimizing distractions from the creative process. What Storyist does is make it simple to create, maintain and refer back to all story elements and notes without breaking your train of thought. MS Word attempts to do this (halfheartedly) with NoteBook View. Dramatica tries to do this in a rigid and overly complicated process (IMHO). Storyist handles the data and keeps out of the writer's way. It's not perfect but it does what it claims to do better than any other WP I've seen.