Version: 3.2 || Release Date: 2008-12-08 || License: Shareware ($44.95) Developer: Mariner Software | App Owner: returnself

StoryMill is a new kind of software for writers. Part word processor, part database, completely focused on the creative process. Whether you are brainstorming for your first short story or putting the finishing touches on your latest best-seller StoryMill provides you the tools you need to manage the creative process from inception to publication.

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StoryMill is my choice for novel writing. With its complex possibilities for organizing and visualising (TIMELINE is the word!) is StoryMill better than its – also strong, but less effective – compatitor Scrivener etc.

Ok, Scrivener is more complex (and more costly), StoryMill (former Avenir) is less complicated. I wrote one book on that and StoryMill works fine, even some small bugs are still here. And what I love: annotation system, that really helps even not in feature list, but in praxis.

This is an excellent piece of software for writers who don't want suggestions on plot ideas or character development or spelling and grammar suggestions as they type. The interface is clean and well-organized, the basic features are easily accessibly via five minutes spent in the tutorial, and more advanced features are also easily learned. It's more of an organization system for writers than writing software. The forums are excellent and the developer is very hands-on, very communicative. $29.99 is a steal.

If you're looking for a tool of this nature, give Scrivener a try. It's my choice in this category, although Avenir is a fine app.

Although there are several choices available in the writing tools market, Avenir is the piece of software that most fits my style of writing, and particularly with version 2.3.x has become an indispensable part of my writing process. Avenir keeps things simple and organized, and provides a very large selection of powerful features in a deceptively simple package. Additionally, the developer is extremely receptive to suggestions, is very helpful and prompt with support requests, and is constantly improving the program. A complete steal at the current price.

I love Avenir but for simplicity you want CopyWrite. Avenir has a huge bag of tricks to explore. It may not seem as complete as Scrivener but there's so much under the hood! A bargain.

I tried out quite a few programs for writers, but stuck with Avenir due to its simplicity and elegance. Also, the distinction between characters, locations, scenes and chapters is exactly how I used to work with various text files … Give it a shot; it has no limitations for 30 days prior to registration.