Version: 2.0.1 || Release Date: 2010-06-15 || License: Commercial with demo (49.99) Developer: Peterson | App Owner: jfaucett

VST/AU Tuning Software

Peterson introduces StroboSoft - the world's first strobe tuner for your Mac or PC that utilizes the power of your computer to provide 0.1 cent accuracy tuning for your fretted or unfretted, stringed instruments. Tune brass and wind instruments using an external microphone or pick-up device as well. StroboSoft turns your computer into a Peterson accurate hardware tuner that you can use in the studio or on the road!

Create instrument profiles that include your instrument type, its selected tuning, as well as transpose or drop settings. Plus, with the capability to store unlimited instrument profiles, you can add new tunings and save them under your own custom names for quick recall between live sets on stage or switching recording projects in the studio. Just use your notebook's built-in mic or plug in a microphone and start tuning. Use StroboSoft to adjust more than just your tuning. Save time and money by intonating your electrics at home. Intonate your electrics quickly and easily using StroboSoft's Visual Intonation Guide. The built-in INTONATE function will visually assist you while intonating your instrument. The LED on the selected string will fill with color when you are in the proper octave; just isolate the strobe display after that and you're done!

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