StuffIt Expander

Version: 15.0.7 || Release Date: 2012-01-01 || License: Freeware Developer: Smith Micro | App Owner: smithmicro

Stuffit Expander is a compression and decompression tool with support for a lot of formats.

An industry leader, only StuffIt offers newly-patented technology that provides 100% pixel-perfect compression of 24-bit images, including TIFFs, PNGs, BMPs and GIFs. In addition to its award-winning compression technology, StuffIt's fantastic workflow features enable you to work faster and smarter, whether you're using StuffIt to backup important files or send documents over the Internet. Simply click, drag and drop; StuffIt will take care of the rest.

  • Compress and expand archives
  • Super-strong encryption security and password protection
  • Self-healing archive creation protects against data corruption
  • Send and transfer via email, FTP, or MobileMe iDisk

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The new fancy installer that requires admin-password can be bypassed by right-clicking the "StuffIt Expander 2009", choosing "Show Package Contents" and navigating to Contents/Resources/Payload/Stuffit where the application is located - ready for being dragged to the Applications folder.

PS direct download is at

I honestly don't know why so many people are on the bash Stuffit Expander bandwagon. 33 MB is not a big for an app in the days of 400 GB hard drives. SE has always been fast, accurate, and stable- unlike pretenders that frequently crap out if the file happens to be too difficult for them. Plus version 13 that just came out now finally opens 7-zip files.

The only annoying thing is how hard they make it to find the free download (I just use AppFresh, it downloads the latest version wherever it is.)

Admittedly version 13 botched up the app preferences, but I've never really used preferences for this app anyway.

this is one of the worst apps i've ever seen...
it's very slow, EXTREMELY hard to uninstall and has problems handling rar archieves

Seems bloated.
Opens an extra window each time I open an archive, progress bar is purely fictional. Not a good tool imho

Direct link to 12.0.1 (stable):

Suttfit Expander is useless right now. The Unarchiver works better and faster, plus is open source and reliable. Please, don't use this program so the sitx compression format dissapears forever and for the good of the humanity.

what a piece of crap format sitx is. Avoid it at all costs! sitx must die!

<a href="">The Unarchiver</a> is WAY better. The only thing it doesn't support is SITX, if you use that a at all. SIT is suppported.

.sit should die!

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