StuffIt Expander

Version: 15.0.7 || Release Date: 2012-01-01 || License: Freeware Developer: Smith Micro | App Owner: smithmicro

Stuffit Expander is a compression and decompression tool with support for a lot of formats.

An industry leader, only StuffIt offers newly-patented technology that provides 100% pixel-perfect compression of 24-bit images, including TIFFs, PNGs, BMPs and GIFs. In addition to its award-winning compression technology, StuffIt's fantastic workflow features enable you to work faster and smarter, whether you're using StuffIt to backup important files or send documents over the Internet. Simply click, drag and drop; StuffIt will take care of the rest.

  • Compress and expand archives
  • Super-strong encryption security and password protection
  • Self-healing archive creation protects against data corruption
  • Send and transfer via email, FTP, or MobileMe iDisk

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43 Opinions

Stuffit apps are like RealPlayer, a useless apps no one really needs and that bloods your Mac.
Stay away from this malware and use The Unarchiver instead

Hmm, v11.0.2 seems pretty good. It appears they've fixed up a lot of the stupid little things.

Direct link to new version 11.0.2, English :
<a href=""></a>

French :
<a href=""></a>

German :
<a href=""></a>

Stuffit is the new RealPlayer :( :( :(

The WORST. If would at least just shut up and leave me alone, I might still be using it. As per everbody else, The Unarchiver handles all .sit files except the most recent (if a developer is still distributing .sit, email her for a dmg or tarball), as well as everything else, quietly.

I can only agree with all the negative opionions about this dirty piece of software. Intrusive, reassigns file associations without any user permission asked's the mac application I hate the most.

For those of you forced to use this (rapidly becoming outdated) format, and also those who do not wish to fill out Allumes lame "junk e-mail" form to get it....

... here is the direct link to the v11 .dmg file

Really hate this software, I really wish .sit would die.

too bad there's no "I hate this" icon. Stuffit and Stuffit Expander are huge piles of donkey excrement. The first thing I do with any .sit file is either zip it or dmg it. DropDMG works great for this. Then I DELETE the sit archive.

Ugh. Cannot say enough bad things about this software, really.

I can warmly recommend The Unarchiver as an alternative. It handles all the format StuffIt Expander handles, except for SITX. On the other hand, it handles a lot of formats SE can't. Also, it's a lot faster, doesn't crash all the time, and it's open source.

This app is like the one highschool friend you hated but can't avoid because his locker is next to yours.

Ancient format. Terrible software.
Why is this still used?

I'm not going to say "iUseThis" and help this software.

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