StuffIt Expander

Version: 15.0.7 || Release Date: 2012-01-01 || License: Freeware Developer: Smith Micro | App Owner: smithmicro

Stuffit Expander is a compression and decompression tool with support for a lot of formats.

An industry leader, only StuffIt offers newly-patented technology that provides 100% pixel-perfect compression of 24-bit images, including TIFFs, PNGs, BMPs and GIFs. In addition to its award-winning compression technology, StuffIt's fantastic workflow features enable you to work faster and smarter, whether you're using StuffIt to backup important files or send documents over the Internet. Simply click, drag and drop; StuffIt will take care of the rest.

  • Compress and expand archives
  • Super-strong encryption security and password protection
  • Self-healing archive creation protects against data corruption
  • Send and transfer via email, FTP, or MobileMe iDisk

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43 Opinions

Zip for personal and disposable file transfers and DMG (Mac OS X Disk Images) for all release software.

buggy and unreliable, in desperate need of a drop in replacement.
PS, if stuffit starts making empty folders copy and other file into the folder and voila all files appear

Well the lack of password-protected archive support in Mac OS X is annoying

This software no longer serves a purpose. Applications distributed in .sit format should be banned from this site entirely.

I just can't understand a company that has been in the mac business so long hasn't made this a Universal Binary... what's up with that?

Yes, I use this, but only because some developers still use the .sit file format.

This is awful software. It crashes randomly and does not decompress supposedly supported formats.

Horrible horrible stuff. PLEASE Arne and Marcus, enable the users of this site to rate software so we can make sure that popular items such as Stuffit are permanently shown next to the horrid rating they deserve. Maybe someone can host all SIT packed files in DMG so we can no longer be screwed by this stupid company's ancient format.

I always ask developers to provide me with a .dmg or .zip...

god i wish someone would figure out a way to decompress .sit files so i can uninstall this thing.

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