Version: 3.5.4 || Release Date: 2011-06-01 || License: Shareware (29.00 EUR) Developer: TheCodingMonkeys | App Owner: arne

Collaborative text editor. Share and enjoy.

SubEthaEdit is a powerful and lean text editor. And it's the only collaborative one that is a joy to use. By combining the ease of Bonjour with the world's best text collaboration engine, it makes working together not only possible but even fun…

Why SubEthaEdit?
Looking for a text editor that is designed by people actually caring about Human Interface Guidelines? A nice way to edit your HTML files? Or a way to work together on code, texts or notes? Be sure to check out SubEthaEdit. While originally designed for coding together, its collaboration features have also proven to be quite useful for teaching, note-taking (e.g. at conferences) and co-writing text. Imagine meetings with collaborative minute taking or writing your TV/film script or book together with your co-authors.

SubEthaEdit is not bloated
While being a full fledged editor, we promise that SubEthaEdit will never become a bloated piece of software like other text editors. Our goal is a high performance, sleek editor, with features that make your work even faster. This is possible due to Mac OS X's Aqua interface, which allows tools to get out of the way, while enabling you to do what you want.

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For those who would like to extend SubEthaEdit :

New code folding feat looks smoking.

Also check out "Coda".
It's a nice editor that uses the Subetha Engine.

I've finally given up SubEthaEdit in favor of Smultron. 1.x was getting dusty and as a person who rarely codes, I don't feel like paying $30 for a text editor. I do miss how good SEE was at automatic syntax coloring, but Smultron and even VIM do the same with a little nudging.

Would love code folding. Other than that it rocks

Collaborative editing is the super-cool feature of SEE. I liked it so much I bought a license for it and played around with it with my other Mac using co-worker. We never did end up using it as part of our work-flow though, which is a shame since it seems to have so much promise. I've since switched to TextMate, which lacks the collaborative feature, but has other features which, honestly, leave me amazed.

I still use the free 1.x version. In all honesty I've only ever used it once for collaborative editing, and it was awesome. However, some of my coder friends and I like to keep it handy as a general-purpose text editor for its speed and zero-cruft interface.
I'm sure there are more powerful text editors out right now, but SubEthaEdit does everything I need.

SubEthaEdit's collaborational facility is the real eye-opening feature of this application. I bought it for that feature alone. Still, I tend to use TextMate more when it comes to coding things and normal text editing.

SubEtha's icon as well as lack of transparent windows needs to be addressed. And yes, transparency in windows are important... to some. ;) me for instance. I think it adds a certain appealing juiciness, that a hard to please Mac user expects to see. TextMate offers that, and of course not only that, but an unsurpassed plaethora of other features too. Still, TextMate misses this, extremely innovative, multi-user collaboration of SubEthaEdit... So for me, it's all settled; I need to have both.

version 2.6 is out with tabs!

SubEthaEdit 2.2 is not the current version, free or otherwise. This should not get a separate listing.

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