Subversion Scripts for Finder

Version: 1.2 || Release Date: 2008-02-22 || License: GPL Developer: Adam Byrtek | App Owner: alpha

Collection of AppleScripts for Finder to make the most frequent operations on Subversion repositories easier. Now you don't have to switch from Finder to another application (either Terminal or some heavy-weight GUI client) to handle common repository tasks.

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Excellent. Simply excellent.

I agree with alpha
yes it's not a Bells-And-Whistles-Thing and yes Finder blocks while performing the Task
But if you want a lightweight solution that plays well with Quicksilver (I prefer Quiclsilver to choosing the scripts manually) you should go for this

I also like fact that you get the full "Commandline-Transparency" when it comes to errors or progress information

Version 1.2 has been released a few days ago, including Copy, Move and Checkout scripts, featuring better Leopard and MacPorts integration.

Dear anamanaman, the scripts operate on the current Finder selection, so you can work on multiple files and/or folders - this is perfectly reasonable for me. Regarding your second comment, it is true that the Finder waits for scripts to complete and it can be visible on big commits and updates - this might be changed in the future versions.

However the claim that this is "garbage" is not just, and I encourage others to try for themselves. Remember, this is not a full-blown Subversion client, only a set of simple and useful wrappers scripts that let you avoid switching to Terminal with every basic SVN command.

New version is on the way (including Copy, Move and Checkout scripts) and you can see it on <a href="">the screencast</a>.

Pretty much garbage. You have to actually the select the folder (why cant it just use the current folder). Locks up Finder all the time if something times out. Really really bad... stay away.