SugarSync Manager

Version: 1.9.24 || Release Date: 2011-03-25 || License: Shareware (Unknown) Developer: SugarSync | App Owner: dmcm

Sync files between multiple computers

SugarSync Manager is a lightweight application that seamlessly keeps your files in sync.

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3 Opinions

SugarSync is the best cloud service available. I love dropbox also but SugarSync gives more initial storage (5GB instead of 2GB) and it syncs everything just like dropbox but it is easier to sync any folder, not just your dropbox folder. It has a nice UI and allows uploads via email, public folders and you can access your files on your phone. If you decide to join the SugarSync use this the link below. You will get an additional 500MB of storage (as will I, which is also nice).

I think there's a newer release 1.9.21

SugarSync is absolute magic. When I think of how many years I've worked with backup programs, including .Mac, SuperDuper, and dozens of others. Now my laptop is SugarSynched to my office computer. When I create a new document on my laptop, I just open SugarSync for a moment, and that's all it takes -- no extra steps -- and the new document is securely backed up both online and in my office. Absolute magic. The only drawback is that the backups aren't bootable -- but with disk repair being what it is these days, I don't worry about it. Absolutely everyone should have this app, and cancel their .Mac subscriptions.