Version: 2.1.4 || Release Date: 2010-06-20 || License: BSD License Developer: Atsushi Jike | App Owner: euanmckay

Open source web browser especially for web developers.

Sunrise (formerly known as SunriseBrowser) is a web browser for web developers. This software is developed with Cocoa/Objective-C by Xcode, and uses the same KHTML rendering engine as Safari. This is light, space-saving and gives the functions for web developers.

  • Auto-resizable window (640,800,1024,fullscreen fullheight)
  • Transparent window (both web page window & source window)
  • Able to create PDF file from web page
  • Draw URL string on the screen
  • URL copy command (page title copy)
  • Icon of the web site is able to save
  • URL input field & web searching field share the field
  • URL specified downloader

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8 Opinions

Sunrise homepage is gone. App is gone.

This thing opens up in a snap! I love that, but usually use chrome if I don't need the fastest performance.

NB: google calendar gives a warning that this browser isn't supported, but it seems to work fine.

Also, it's good to know that Sunrise seems to be quite safe (maybe because it is based on webkit), eg:

Incredibly light web browser.

oh nevermind, just had to customize toolbar to show url feild not in text only mode - now its my favourite browser :D

this would be my favourite browser hands down, exactly how ive tried to setup safari, the only problem is apple key+L doesnt seem to work for me (1.5.6) and web page wont load until i set a homepage and restarted program

New version is 1.4.0

My current favourite of the "tiny browsers" (Browser has a default homepage that I can't get rid of, and Tominated Browser won't do tabs) that have been cropping up lately, mainly because it starts quickly. However, I don't like the lack of an address bar (It searches google for unless I put "http://" in front of it), or the constant "there is no bookmark" popup.