Version: 2.7 || Release Date: 2012-07-25 || License: Shareware (27.95USD) Developer: Shirt Pocket | App Owner: dnanian

SuperDuper can make a full backup, or "clone" — in moments, you can completely duplicate your boot drive to another drive, partition, or image file.

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Looks very nice and polished but it crashed on me (just exited) at 20gb each time for the first cloning. Coincidentally, this always happened after starting Xcode and opening a rather large project. I guess I'll have to wait until night to let it sync alone without touching the machine.

Simply the best (fastest, most reliable and very affordable) backup application for Mac OS X! End of story.

Cranks through my laptop drive every night and generates a full backup for me.  Love speed and the reliability.  Recommended.

Good app, but allow and hour or two to create your original clone on a firewire external hard drive. Smart update of the original clone then takes about 6 minutes on my machine. The time it takes will depend on the amount of data you are backing up.

Another advantage with SuperDuper! is that it does an excellent job of defraging your hard drive - you get two programs for the price of one - check out their web site for details.

Highly Recommended

SuperDuper is rock solid and creating custom backup scripts is the icing on the cake.

Based on the recommendations here, I bought this app, and man am I glad I did. This really blows the competition out of the water. Worth every dime, and I've only had it for a day.

Well, I would debate the 'create a backup in moments' - that depends on the size of your volume. And after having it crash during my first use of it, I can't say it's reliable. Perhaps the newer version is different.

Hands down the best software for cloning a drive. So simple and powerful! I'm sold. It'd be a value at $50... good thing its just under $30

Amazing. A+++

Tried many, none have come close to this for me. I mirror my HDD with it updating only amended files (after an initial back-up). Slick, speedy, solid, superb. Recommended.

the best backup app i've ever seen. simple. fast. and it actually works! used it to recover a crashed mac (that is backed up nightly with this). worth every penny i paid!

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