Version: 2.7 || Release Date: 2012-07-25 || License: Shareware (27.95USD) Developer: Shirt Pocket | App Owner: dnanian

SuperDuper can make a full backup, or "clone" — in moments, you can completely duplicate your boot drive to another drive, partition, or image file.

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When it comes to your Mac, this product is a lifesaver. First, it's relatively inexpensive, you can download the software to try the full version before you buy, and you apparently get lifetime upgrades with your paid license; nice! But this isn't just about money.... I'm a computer specialist (Mac, PC, Unix, Linux) who believes strongly in backups. Why? Because people come to me terribly upset when their hard drives die (and they DO die, fairly often), and I tell them there's nothing they can do but spend a grand or more on data recovery. Very sad. For the price of a few cups of coffee at your local cafe, plus an external hard drive, you can have automated, bootable piece of mind. Take it from me, this is the best backup solution. Aside from backing up your computer, your backups are bootable, which means you can replace and even upgrade your hard drive super easily with a backup-and-restore procedure. Safe, effective and proven time and time again. Best product ever!

Does what it says on the tin, does it easily and reliably.

Use it for on-site machine backups; ability to make bootable clone very useful when hard drive dies or (hopefully) more normally when swapping out for larger capacity or faster drives.

Yeah I know there are other options on the market, yeah I know that you can do all of this using CLI tools. However this is elegant, easy to use, well supported by the dev and above all is very reliable.

Highly recommend considering if you would like to go beyond Timemachine for backups or if you are upgrading hard drives.

Very good app. Does anyone know a similar app for windows?

I love SuperDuper, and have used it for about five years now. I don't consider it to be "slow", since I use it to clone a 150 GB hard drive (currently using about 97GB of it).

I have had success restoring the drive's full-contents, and I love this app...

I have never used TimeMachine, mainly because from what I can tell (with the LITTLE time I spent with the app) it isn't as customizable (set up to be a BIT TOO "easy/user-friendly"). With SuperDuper I can use more advanced settings and it works great!

I have had 3 hard drives failures in macbooks in the past three years. Super duper has come through perfectly each time.

If you have a DROBO i recommend superduper over Time Machine, much safer

SD is not good backup software imho, backup software should never change the source disk, but it does, if power runs out in the middle of a backup your system disk will be seriously messed up, this software messed up my system and had to reinstall from scratch. Good backup software doesn't change the source disk.

Errors were being reported from OSX and I had accidentally thrown away my OSX disks for my new Macbook Pro in a recent house move. I needed those disks to be able to repair the boot disk. Fortunately I use SuperDuper weekly and when it does a backup to my external LaCie disk it makes it bootable. I was then able to boot from the external disk to repair my Macbook Pro disk - hooray!!

Last week only a single app had crashed so severely that not even a uninstall/reinstall fixed the problem! A complete rollback to a backup taken with Superduper a week earlier solved the problem. I finalized the process by updating my home folder with the Time Machine backup.

I also love that I can take my Superduper backup to another Mac and continue working where I left off. Great comfort.

When Leopard came out, I tried to replace SuperDuper with Time Machine as my main backup solution. Time Machine is much faster than SuperDuper's Smart backup, but it does not work transparently; it excludes many large files that would slow it down considerably (VMWare virtual machines are an example), and furthermore, it does not support backing up to anything but a disk or network partition. I like to backup to encrypted disk images, so I went back to SuperDuper.

I suspect that a future version of SuperDuper will interface with fseventsd, like Time Machine, and that this will speed up Smart Backups by orders of magnitude. I would gladly pay for a new version when that happens.

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