Version: 1.3 || Release Date: 2010-11-01 || License: GPL Developer: Parable Limited | App Owner: arne

An OS X open source GUI for most features of the svn client binary.

SvnX allows you to browse your working copies, spot changes and operate on them but also to browse logs and revisions of your repositories.


  • Repository Inspector:
    • Browse logs, revisions and directories in a single window.
    • Drag&drop between the repository browser and the Finder ! (both ways!)
    • svn checkout, svn export, svn import, svn switch, svn copy, svn mkdir and svn delete support.
    • FileMerge integration.
    • Disk cache for impressive speed!
  • Working Copy Inspector:
    • Flat view / hierarchical view.
    • Items sorting/filtering/searching.
    • Operate svn actions on selected items.
    • svn Move/Copy via drag&drop in hierarchical view.
    • svn rename.
    • Save your favorite working copies in a panel.

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7 Opinions

Does not support subversion 1.5
Does someone know, if it will be released soon?

Far better than this app (in my humble opinion) for most SVN tasks is ZigVersion. I should submit it here...

svnX is reliable, and nice as far as traditonal clients go, but I agree that there are better ways to do it.
SCPlugin is the TortoiseSVN "equivalent" for Mac OS X.
It's definitely getting there in terms of reliability. If it's serious mission-critical stuff you should probably stick to the command line client in any case.

Actually, I prefer this to TortoiseSVN. If you prefer icon badging, there is a free, open source alternative for the Mac available at Tigris.

Not as good as TortoiseSVN (windows only unfortunately)

Awesome app. Makes checking out the latest sources for KisMac so much easier.

I live and die by this app.