Version: 2.1.6 || Release Date: 2014-03-02 || License: Shareware ($9.99) Developer: Fuel Collective | App Owner: bitnix

Status bar color picker

• Get any color on your screen that you want quickly and easily

• Save your color swatches to use later on

• Open your swatches in their own window to see them easily

When swatch was made, we kept designers in mind. It has always been annoying trying to manage your color swatches in a easy way. Swatch lets you group your colors together in 'Swatches' to later be used throughout your project. Working in CSS? Easily copy the hex value to paste right into your stylesheet.
Do you use Photoshop often? Creating mockups or designing something amazing? But you want that color on your second display and the Photoshop color selector doesn't work outside it's box. Simply use swatch to select the color, copy the hex value, and paste it into Photoshop!

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2 Opinions

I love this one, a very useful app for colour schemes.

Must have app for designers!