Version: 2.31 || Release Date: 2012-06-06 || License: Shareware ($7.99) Developer: Kapeli | App Owner: kapeli

Window and Application Switcher (CMD+Tab replacement).

Switché is a Snow Leopard-only application that can be used to switch between applications or individual windows, ordered by last use. Switché uses CoverFlow to display previews in a visually appealing way. It helps you easily find the window or application you are looking for.

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2 Opinions

Switché supports both switching between apps (similar to the Dock's CMD-Tab feature) and between windows (both all running apps and alternatively the frontmost app only).

The main problem with Switché 2.29 is that it's too slow! You want a switcher to be fast! Fast as in snappy! Now I understand that window previews need some time to render! But even cycling between application switching feels slow when you wait for simple app icons to be loaded. Much faster rendering should be possible - LiteSwitch X does it right! Maybe Switché's dev should use some kind of icon cache... And do you use the optional delay before window display for pre-rendering?... Anyhow, please improve this and I'll buy!

Really useful. Bought it some time ago and don't want to miss it.