Version: 1.0.4 || Release Date: 2007-03-22 || License: Shareware ($24.95) Developer: Alan Pearson | App Owner: pogmoor

Syncopation from Sonzea provides a hands-free solution to keep your iTunes® music collection synchronized across multiple computers running Mac OS X. Once installed on two or more Macs, Syncopation goes to work, finding music that is on one computer but not the others, and automatically transfers the songs between them so that they both contain your complete music collection. Leave it running in the background and it will keep your iTunes libraries up-to-date. When you make changes to your song files on one computer, Syncopation updates your other computers with those changes. If you add files to one of your computers, Syncopation replicates the new songs to your other computers, whether they are iTunes Music Store purchases or tracks ripped from your own CD’s. Syncopation works over your Ethernet or wireless network.

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4 Opinions

This no longer works to transfer ratings, which makes it no better than iTunes Home Sharing :(

FolderShare is great but it only syncs the files. You need to be able to sync your iTunes Library as well. Also FolderShare doesn't support more than 10000 files.

I think it would be possible to fully recreate this using the free FolderShare to sync iTunes folder across computers. Even though FolderShare is and MS product it works extremely well on both Macs and PCs and it's freeeeee.....

This ain't freeware. Sonzea offers a 30-day trial; it will then cost you $24.95 to continue using the program. Great idea though.